Property management: Tenant service par excellence.

Property management at Monit is a multi-disciplinary effort that requires the involvement of operations, accounting, legal, parking, security and market research. All this expertise is mobilized to ensure the successful operation of every building in the portfolio.

Monit takes pride in the buildings' unparalleled comfort, efficiency, safety and security. The Monit property management approach of continually implementing new technological and operational improvements is indicative of the company's progressive corporate culture.

A building's physical environment is important, but so is the composition of its tenants. Monit views every building as a business community and strives for tenant mixes that yield like-minded and complementary tenants.

The most important link between the company and the tenant is the building manager. Monit retains some of the top professionals in their field, and each is charged with the responsibility of motivating personnel that share a commitment to service.

Among Monit's more important innovations is Service Privilège, a comprehensive hotel-type concierge service. This program transcends the traditional scope of tenant services by providing an array of benefits for its executive clientele.