Leasing and construction: From conception to completion.

At the moment a project is initiated, the leasing team at Monit assumes a feature role. These seasoned specialists are intimately acquainted with the market, its forces and its players. Working closely with other Monit professionals, they arrive at the optimum package for a prospective tenant within the shortest possible time.

The leasing department prides itself on its high professional standards in assuring tenant satisfaction. Once again, the company management and cooperative nature allow the various departments to work closely together with the tenant, producing a transaction that is eminently and mutually satisfactory.

Following the leasing agreement, Monit mobilizes its considerable in-house construction knowledge, which brings the future tenant's premises from conception to fruition with maximum speed and efficiency. These internal resources allow Monit's construction department to act as the project manager in its properties and/or assign work to outside construction firms.

Where outside contractors are used, Monit's construction management professionals oversee the entire construction phase, from the planning stage to the finishing touches. The team coordinates every detail and supplier, applying particular scrutiny to budgets, schedules and final build-outs.

The ultimate goal is to provide superior quality space, facilities and value for prospective tenants at competitive rates.