Land: The cornerstone of a real estate empire

Monit's roots are planted firmly in the soil of Quebec, and from that soil have sprung some of the most innovative residential developments in Canada.

Today the company's 200 million square feet of land rank it among Quebec's largest private land owners. Monit's spectacular growth is largely due to the strategic acquisition and imaginative development of this land and it is to this same exercise of vision and action that it owes its continuing prosperity.

With thousands of homes built on its projects, Monit is today one of the main developers of residential projects within the province. These range from modest starter homes to the most luxurious residences. Val-des-Brises, one of Monit's most ambitious residential undertakings in Laval, will eventually see the completion of a 2000 home community on 20 million square feet on land.

As master developer par excellence, the company has a proven formula of value creation in the development of residential communities. Working with an established team of development experts, the mission is to create ideal residential environments where forethought guides the planning of streets, green spaces, lighting, utilities and, of course, quality homes that stand the test of time.