Industrial, Retail and Residential Properties: Expanding opportunity and horizons

The Monit organization owns and/or manages more than four million square feet of industrial property in Canada and the United States. The Properties under its direction are largely devoted to light manufacturing and multi-tenant use and are characterized by functional environments that promote productivity.

Monit's industrial properties in Quebec are located in Montreal's garment districts and business parks. In addition, sizeable inventories of retail premises in the organization's portfolio are found throughout Montreal. Managed to provide optimal working premises, exemplary value and service to tenants, Monit's industrial and retail properties help further diversify the corporate base.

The U.S. arm of the organization contributes in a similar manner. The company operates retail properties in Pennsylvania and Nebraska. In addition, the organization is actively involved in projects that exceed 1.2 million square feet of business parks, with modern show rooms, warehousing and manufacturing space in the Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas area.

As Monit's portfolio continues to expand, thereby disclosing new opportunities, the company's expertise can be parlayed into a greater number of markets.