Genesis: The foundations are laid.

The seeds of the Monit organization were planted 65 years ago, with Alex Kotler's purchase of 100 acres on Quebec's Ile-Jesus. Where others saw a rural and thinly populated island, Alex Kotler clearly saw potential and he realized the first of many residential projects. That island has since been renamed Laval, and is now Quebec's third largest city.

In many ways this initial project, a combination of vision, action accomplishment, continues to serve as a company standard.

Monit's growth was swift and steady. Alex Kotler purchased more land and thousands more homes were constructed. Consequently, the company has become one of Quebec's largest residential land developers and was a pioneer in the creation of planned communities.

As Monit's fortunes grew, its activities broadened into the purchase, development and management of strategic office, industrial, hotel, residential and retail projects throughout the province of Quebec and the United States.

In the spirit of its approach to land acquisition and development, Monit carved out a similar reputation for recognizing potential in built properties. Imaginatively retrofitted to create premium leasable space, these properties have added significant value to the company's portfolio.

Throughout its five decades of achievement, the Monit organization has remained a family owned company. Alex Kotler and his son, Barry Kotler, together with other family members, are deeply involved in Monit's operations. This sense of family embraces everyone who works at Monit, encouraging a high level of performance and personal commitment.