Diversity: A source of strength and stability.

Monit is a highly diversified company with expertise in all facets of real estate. This encompasses development, investment, construction and operation of the company's commercial, industrial, retail and residential properties. Several affiliated companies function under the Monit umbrella, and are staffed by some of Quebec's foremost experts in their fields.

Although diversification has it own benefits, contributing to the organization's strength and stability, the process was motivated by its spirit of enterprise. As Monit sought to operate, supply and serve in related industries, while maintaining quality service, its affiliates multiplied.

The property management division was formed to maintain the company's burgeoning asset base. Similarly, the construction arms of the organization grew from the desire to develop its vast land holdings and to carry out leasehold improvements within its buildings.

The same foresight that first guided Monit's founder has directed major diversification decisions ever since. The launch of new enterprises is based on experience and market research which both anticipates trends and recognize the organization's desire to continually improve service. As a result, the organization's activities have been broadened at the most propitious moments.

Monit's astute market awareness and progressive vision guide acquisition and development decisions, resulting in a remarkably diverse portfolio that contains land and class A to class C office space, as well as industrial properties and retail and commercial centres in Canada and United States.